1. Getting Started...

Register for the BSS forum

The BSS forum is the heartbeat of the community. To register click on the below hyperlink and follow the on-screen instructions. The VIP code is Cardiff (to stop 'bot' registrations). Please note that we have a strict policy of one account per member.
LINK: Forum Registration

User Guide

Essex Maverick has kindly created a user guide (.PDF). This guide containts plenty of screenshots and details (a) the install process and (b) getting started with the game.
LINK: Evo2 User Guide (5MB).

Download the game: Turbo Sliders

The Turbo Sliders game is required in order to play Speedway Turbo Sliders. This game is free to demo but we encourage members to purchase a licence from www.turbosliders.com ($19).
LINK: Download Turbo Sliders 2.0 (18MB).

Download the mod: STS Evo2

The Evo2 mod was created by the BSS Development Team and contains tracks, bikes and various other configurations that transform the car racing game into Speedway Turbo Sliders. Please note that this installer overwrites any older versions of the BSS STS mod.

Download links for the latest version of the Evo2 Mod (v5.2):-
LINK: .EXE file (475MB)
Also needed is the v5.2 to 5.3 (bike) patch (Jan-14):-
LINK: .EXE file (576KB)

Install the Game then the Mod

Once both game and mod have been installed a "Speedway Evo2 Mod" icon will be added to the desktop. On later versions of Windows (Vista/7/8) Turbo Sliders needs to be launched with Administrator privileges. Right-click the "Speedway Evo2 Mod" shortcut and select "run as Administrator" to do this.
LINK: TIP for "run as Administrator" on Windows Vista/7/8
LINK: How to install/play using an Apple Mac

2. Starting to race...


The Evo2 mod contains 140 tracks and 4 bikes upon which to race them. 59 of these are British Tracks and these tend to be the ones most frequently raced. Each track has several racing lines that, with plenty of practice and trial & error, each player can discover and eventually master.

AI (Computer-controlled opponents)

The Evo2 mod sees the limited introduction of AI opponents. These are available on 6 tracks; Byrjun, Cardiff, Coventry, KingsLynn, Poole and White City. To race against them visit the "Players" menu and ensure the "AI fill" setting is 2 or more (0 switches AI off).

Online opponents

After getting to grips with racing STS using Solo/AI play, the next step is to look for fun online servers. These are hosted by BSS members who advertise connection details in the "Servers and IPs" thread on our forum.
LINK: Servers and IPs (members only)

Hosting a server

For anyone with a half-decent internet connection (ideally with computer attached to the router using a wired connection), it is recommended that the below instructions are followed in order to host your own server.
LINK: HOWTO host your own server.
LINK: TIP for QoS (Quality of Service) setting on router.

3. Official competition...

Pool Academy

The first step for a new member wishing to participate in BSS official competition is to join our Pool Academy.
LINK: Pool Academy (members only)

British League

Since our community was founded in 2006 over 250 members have participated in our league/cup/4TT/pairs/individual meetings. 2012 saw a shift to winter league racing - with our 8th season commencing December-2013. To be involved in this a new member must have participated in at least 3 Pool Academy meetings.
LINK: British League (members only)

Forum login/registration


Passcode: Cardiff

The BSS Team


In charge of League organisation
• Craig• S12_SignUps• Stephen• Tintin• Tkdandy

Pool Organisers

If you have any questions about the pool or any general enquiries about getting started, then these are the people to speak to.
• BWitcher• capesy• Hobnob• Le Sorcier• Nikolai• Stephen• wayne

Track Development

• Craig• unknown


League Team Captains
• BWitcher• capesy• JC• Le Sorcier

Social Media Team

• capesy• Craig• Stephen• wayne

Servers (Approved)

Members who have had their servers approved for use in official competition. To add yourself to this list please liaise with our Head Referee; Stephen.
• Craig• Hoppy• Muffy• Nikolai• racerryan• Rico• Stephen• Tintin• Tkdandy• unknown• wayne