Some simple number crunching...
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Author:  Tkdandy [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Some simple number crunching...

What is it about the Edinburgh Monarchs that makes their supporters such a hotbed for STS talent (or maybe competitors would be a better word)? Whilst glancing at the charts on the Stats site, almost every season has involved more Monarchs fans than those from any other club. Over the years we've seen 24 Edinburghians taking part; 8 more than their nearest rivals Coventry, Kings Lynn and Glasgow and more than twice as many as all of the other teams.

Are they a better supported team than all others? Is somebody up there doing a better job of spreading the BSS word? Do they simply have a better demographic fit for an online gaming community? That said, their relatively respectable numbers are still a mere fraction of the Armadale crowd and there likely will be many who remain blissfully unaware of our existence.

    Edinburgh (24 fans)
    Coventry (16)
    Kings Lynn (16)
    Glasgow (16)
    Swindon (12)
    Eastbourne (11)
    Belle Vue (11)
    Rye House (11)
    Wolverhampton (10)

Since the launch of BSS a grand total of 341 different people have competed in one or more of the 1062 meetings logged in the Stats database. Please note that this figure doesn't (yet) include Pool Academy meetings. Our most prolific competitor also hails from the aforementioned Monarchs and is still going strong today as captain of the Glasgow Cowboys; the only team he has ever raced for.

    Rico (239)
    unknown (212)
    Craig (208)
    fozzie (207)
    lango (205)
    Captain_Pie (186)
    Alf (182)
    Stephen (180)
    BWitcher (178)
    Tintin (173)

Unlike the real-life sport our competitors have no competitive advantages from machinery or expensive tuners. Instead all of our points are acquired the hard way; via a mixture of pure skill, adrenaline and a healthy dose of luck (or in some cases; in spite of the kind of luck that one smashes numerous mirrors to attain). Some players are simply naturals whereas others likely drill the practice sessions until mastery of each track is gained. The following table is based upon the number of wins recorded versus races raced in all competitions.

    Pingwinek (56.16%) 15 meetings
    Danny (55.63%) 28
    Chrissy (53.66%) 132
    Dons101 (50.99%) 140
    BluePusher (48.00%) 25
    Muffy (47.68%) 64
    Stefan (47.10%) 111
    Toretto (46.61%) 104
    MiMi (45.60%) 133
    Benny (44.60%) 86
    Craig (44.02%) 208
    Van Helsing (43.89%) 119

A slight derivative of the above is a metric based upon every race where at least 1 point is scored; those who have a gift of avoiding last places. Needless to say those who regularly "bin it" after hitting grass and/or fence (often on lap 1) will likely be low down on this list!

    Danny (90.22%) 28 meetings
    Craig (89.57%) 208
    Domino (89.52%) 21
    Crook (89.14%) 71
    Stefan (88.97%) 111
    Chrissy (88.61%) 132
    ash (88.55%) 136
    Marecki (88.20%) 91
    Silverbee (87.47%) 84
    Dons101 (87.03%) 140
    Benny (86.51%) 86
    bobby (86.37%) 127

Finally a quick look at our trusty ELO rankings; metrics that are calculated based upon a comparison between what should happen and the ensuing reality. A simple explanation is that every rider debuts with a rating of 1500 and that this rating gradually increases, or decreases, based upon every heat raced (League, KOC and NPS only). It is used in various games/sports and there are many detailed articles about the mechanics on the t'internet if your inner nerd is curious. The ratings were recently reset and recalculated to take into consideration some newly uploaded S1 fixtures. Dons101 is currently heading these rankings with Stefan snapping at his heels.

    Dons101 (1994.10)
    Stefan (1969.85)
    Sudden Rotten (1922.14) - last raced S10
    Chrissy (1914.37)
    Craig (1911.34)
    unknown (1883.18)
    aces (1869.66) - last raced S3
    icbinb (1842.28)
    Marecki (1826.86)
    Amber Mouse (1815.88)
    Danny (1789.66) - Last raced S2
    Lorraine Kelly (1778.21) - Last raced S5. Rest in peace big man.

Author:  Powis84 [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some simple number crunching...

love a good bunch of stats! the inner nerd got rather excited when this post popped up! It'd be nice if i, at some point, managed to see my own name on a post like this.
It'd be interesting to see a full list of the ELO rankings from time to time. make the win against current number 1 last night feel even better! :)

Author:  Stefan [ Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some simple number crunching...

I do love some stats too :L Shame I couldn't top just one of them :(

Awesome work TK :)

Author:  Tkdandy [ Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some simple number crunching...

@Powis: Publishing the entire ELO or CMA rankings is fairly straightforward to do but I've steered away from doing so in case it proved detrimental, rather than motivational, to those at the bottom end. Might be worthwhile for me to include a table showing the top 50, perhaps showing any week-on-week movements. I will try and find some time to tinker...

@Stefan: to be honest you are close enough to top of the ELO rankings that one race each could see you switch places with Dons. At the top the biggest changes are caused by unexpected defeat to lower ranked opponents. Watch out for the grass/fence!

Author:  Tkdandy [ Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some simple number crunching...

Brief update
Tintin has been busy with some detective work as of late - with the surprising result that he uncovered the last few remaining S1 meetings that I/we had thought to be lost. By this I mean that the original SS no longer existed thus my database wasn't able to include anything other than the match score.

After uploading to the database I realised that the ELO rankings were only considering S2 onwards. Now we have a complete S1 I've re-calculated all of these. For any of you who has any interest in these ELO scores please note that some may have shifted a little.

Author:  unknown [ Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Some simple number crunching...

Tkdandy wrote:
Brief update
Tintin has been busy with some detective work as of late - with the surprising result that he uncovered the last few remaining S1 meetings that I/we had thought to be lost.

That's brilliant!! Nice work Tintin.

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