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Welcome to British Speedway Sliders, the home of fantastic online racing with a very welcoming community.

This game is played by hundreds of enthusiastic speedway fans the length and breadth of the Country, with the inclusion of riders from Europe & Australia - it makes for a very entertaining game.

Exciting times are ahead as we plan for our 9th full season of the game - with S8 being won by an unusually dominant Peterborough Piemen!

We have a full league program every year which you are always welcome to partake in, this year, like the last, we will be...


What is STS?

Speedway Turbo Sliders (STS) is a gaming mod based on the Turbo Sliders game engine.

It is an overhead racing game that enables up to 20 players to race against each other online.

The BSS development team have created versions of virtually all current Speedway tracks (and many obsolete ones too!); each track modelled using the dimensions of the real-life circuit and with various viable racing lines.

Watch this YouTube video to get a feel for what the game looks like...

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Latest News


BSS World Championships update

by Tkdandy on 08 Jan 2015

Last night saw the conclusion of the first round of qualifiers to determine our S9 World Champion. We now have 30 qualifiers for the 32 semi-final spaces and most likely a run-off situation to determine who claims the final two. There is also the potential that some of the qualifiers won't be available when the dates for the next round are announced. This means that there may still be a chance...



S9 World Championships QUALIFIERS

by Tkdandy on 03 Jan 2015

The BSS Committee have now finalised the line-ups for the first round of S9 World Championships qualifiers. We've done our best to accommodate the stated availability of all applicants whilst trying to balance all three qualifiers fairly evenly. It is anticipated that the top 10 from each qualifier will progress automatically to the next round.

Private messages will be issued shortly to all...



S9 World Championships

by Tkdandy on 02 Jan 2015

As announced elsewhere on the forum the qualifying rounds for the S9 BSS World Championships will be taking place during the next fixture week (4th-10th January). The first qualifier will take place on Sunday 4th January and the line-up, track and start time will be announced shortly; supported by email alerts.

Based upon the applications thus far (there is still a bit of time for any...



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all on BSSliders

by Stephen on 24 Dec 2014

On behalf of the Committee, would like to wish everyone on BSSliders a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope it is a good one for everyone.

Enjoy the festive break!


It's A Knock Out

Mavs News

Well we are now well and truly up and running, with the first round of the KOC Quarter finals done and dusted, we can take a quick peek and all make wild bets on who will be the front runners of this new season.

Having refereed two of these, I can say that once again the Icemen look very strong. Craig did what Craig does and went through the card unbeaten at Togliatti, closely followed by his team mates. The support from his fellow riders was all too evident, and only a fool would put money elsewhere this point, but it is early doors. Pushing them hard I am sure will be a revitalised Storm, who with Shaun at No.1 look to be real deal again. My last early each way bet has to go to the Cows, who turned over a massive 13 pt deficit with 6 heats left to knock out a shell shocked Piemen. The prospect of Ice against Cows in the semi is one I am looking forward to witnessing, as 'youth' meets ' experience' and it will be great to see how Craig's younger charges fair with the rough...


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Passcode: Cardiff

1st S8 Honours

BL Champions:  Piemen
KOC Winners:  Cowboys
4TT Winners:  Piemen
Pairs Winners:  Piemen
NPS Winners:  Piemen
BLRC Winner:  Dons101
World Champ:  Dons101

S8 : League CMA

1 Dons101Piemen1110.62
2 CraigIcemen1110.04
3 BWitcherPiemen149.21
4 MuffyIcemen119.00
5 MareckiDragons138.97
6 ponchoEyecandy68.85
7 RandleEyecandy78.85
8 fozziePiemen138.83
9 MiMiWarriors148.76
10 markw40Eyecandy148.56

Latest Matches

19-JanStorm 46 - 44 Eyecandy
18-JanSharks 50 - 40 Warriors
18-JanPiemen 56 - 40 Cowboys
14-JanEyecandy 44 - 46 Sharks
12-JanCowboys 53 - 42 Storm
11-JanWarriors 43 - 47 Dragons
15-DecStorm 42 - 50 Piemen
14-DecSharks 54 - 36 Cowboys
14-DecDragons 40 - 50 Eyecandy
8-DecCowboys 47 - 43 Dragons