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Welcome to British Speedway Sliders, the home of fantastic online racing with a very welcoming community.

This game is played by hundreds of enthusiastic speedway fans the length and breadth of the Country, with the inclusion of riders from Europe & Australia - it makes for a very entertaining game.

Exciting times are ahead as we plan for our 9th full season of the game - with S8 being won by an unusually dominant Peterborough Piemen!

We have a full league program every year which you are always welcome to partake in, this year, like the last, we will be...


What is STS?

Speedway Turbo Sliders (STS) is a gaming mod based on the Turbo Sliders game engine.

It is an overhead racing game that enables up to 20 players to race against each other online.

The BSS development team have created versions of virtually all current Speedway tracks (and many obsolete ones too!); each track modelled using the dimensions of the real-life circuit and with various viable racing lines.

Watch this YouTube video to get a feel for what the game looks like...

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Latest News


Sabres vs Storm Report - 10/01/2016

by Thrax on 16 Jan 2016

Personal projects, Christmas buildup and illness have kept reports from your screens for far too long.. But we're back with a bang, and a top-of-the-league clash between the Stoke Sabres & Exeter Storm.

While I was considering an underdog clash this week, the idea of reporting on the high-flying action seemed popular in the pre-meeting chat. Not wanting to let the reading public down, I...



Storm vs Piemen Report - 25/11/2015

by Thrax on 26 Nov 2015

After a lot of positive feedback for my first report last week, I return this week with a real test of my journalistic integrity.

As soon as I looked at the fixture list for this round I knew exactly which one I wanted to report upon: The battle at the top of the table. While the Piemen had been temporarily overtaken by a weekend win for the Cowboys, due to the meeting in hand I still regarded...



Piemen vs Icemen Report - 15/11/2015

by Thrax on 17 Nov 2015

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first in what I hope to be a successful series of match reports on the British League. I'd like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to make this happen. Hopefully I can do them proud.

Each week I'll provide a written report on a match that catches my eye, detailing the happenings while also including comments from the captains...



More number crunching...

by Tkdandy on 04 Nov 2015

I'm just playing around trying to find some nuggets of information that might be worthwhile to consider as future enhancements to the speedwaysliders.com website. As inspiration hits me, or somebody makes a worthwhile suggestion, I'll probably make a few more of these posts.

During a conversation yesterday with our resident Dirty Dane, the topic of home track advantage raised its head. This...


Season 10 Crystal Balls

Mavs News

So, almost 2 years since I took my sabbatical from the game, the infectious lure of the unparalleled event that is team building was too much of a draw to ignore, I therefore found myself perusing over the latest semblance of pixel powered methanol heads.....only to be caught in the act by Tintin :shock: !

I was a little shocked that this section had not been renamed 'Craig Corner' or 'Rico's Ramblings', :lol: so with renewed Journalistic enthusiasm, only ever found inside Unk's world, I decided to post my thoughts on how the teams have fallen once the deck was shuffled.

It is very refreshing to see a lot of new faces...something that always hindered the game in the past, and long may it continue. The new guys are so key to the longevity of the game, as it embarks on it's 10th pulsating season, and I wish them all the best of luck.

So onto the teams - 9 in all, another positive, and a pretty good looking pool as well with some very well seasoned...


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1st S10 Honours

S10 : British League

1Exeter Storm129630
2Peterborough Piemen136726
3Stoke Sabres123224
4Scunthorpe Eyecandy121023
5Ipswich Cowboys125222
6Mildenhall Dragons13-3619
7Sunderland Sharks11-7512
8Rye House Icemen12-6310
9Edinburgh Warriors13-8310

S10 : League CMA

1 Sudden RottenCowboys1110.04
2 Dons101Eyecandy129.68
3 BWitcherPiemen129.66
4 Amber MouseSabres129.38
5 icbinbSabres89.37
6 CraigStorm129.33
7 speedyStorm129.24
8 ChrissySabres119.05
9 StefanSharks88.86
10 bobbyPiemen108.80

Latest Matches

11-FebWarriors 43 - 47 Sharks
10-FebWarriors 52 - 38 Cowboys
10-FebSabres 40 - 50 Eyecandy
9-FebPiemen 53 - 37 Storm
7-FebIcemen 54 - 36 Sharks
3-FebStorm 52 - 36 Warriors
1-FebEyecandy 45 - 45 Dragons
1-FebIcemen 47 - 43 Piemen
29-JanDragons 49 - 43 Cowboys
27-JanPiemen 58 - 34 Warriors