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Welcome to British Speedway Sliders, the home of fantastic online racing with a very welcoming community.

This game is played by hundreds of enthusiastic speedway fans the length and breadth of the Country, with the inclusion of riders from Europe & Australia - it makes for a very entertaining game.

Exciting times are ahead as we plan for our 11th full season of the game - with S10 being won by a dominant Exeter Storm, led by 2-times World Champion Craig.

We have a full league program every year which you are always welcome to partake in, this year, like...


What is STS?

Speedway Turbo Sliders (STS) is a gaming mod based on the Turbo Sliders game engine.

It is an overhead racing game that enables up to 20 players to race against each other online.

The BSS development team have created versions of virtually all current Speedway tracks (and many obsolete ones too!); each track modelled using the dimensions of the real-life circuit and with various viable racing lines.

Watch this YouTube video to get a feel for what the game looks like...

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Latest News


Weekly Report #3 & #4

by Thrax on 07 Feb 2017

With the two-in-one format seeming to work well, I've decided to stick with it for now. Therefore, welcome to the Week 3 & 4 report!

I'm pleased to start with the news that there is a whole host of exciting racing to discuss, aided by every single meeting having recordings (thank you to those involved for posting them). We've got all the usual thrills and spills, as well as some British...



The Return Of........LIVE COMMENTARY!

by Craig on 07 Feb 2017

.....Something very special is nearly upon the British STS community and it's back with a bang. A crowd favourite that last made an appearance over 6 years ago has now had the cobwebs polished off and will be back for one night only.

It's coming right out of the top drawer <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: -->

Keep your eyes...



Weekly Report #1 & #2

by Thrax on 23 Jan 2017

Welcome to a double-header edition of Thrax's Weekly STS Report!

So I might have accidentally missed Week 1 by not keeping an eye on the boards, and therefore not noticing that league racing had started. However, in a bid to keep up my promise of covering every single meeting of S11 I locked myself away for an evening of watching pixilated riders zip around my screen.

I was not...



British League Season 11 Begins With Neil Potter Shield

by Thrax on 15 Dec 2016

Winter has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner, but for some the excitement has already begun. With fingers primed and ready they eagerly await the green lights fading and the cue to start four laps of frantic action, hoping to avoid dreaded pings into the fence on route towards the finish line and potential glory.

I am, as you might suspect, talking about British Speedway Sliders...


Season 10 Crystal Balls

Mavs News

So, almost 2 years since I took my sabbatical from the game, the infectious lure of the unparalleled event that is team building was too much of a draw to ignore, I therefore found myself perusing over the latest semblance of pixel powered methanol heads.....only to be caught in the act by Tintin :shock: !

I was a little shocked that this section had not been renamed 'Craig Corner' or 'Rico's Ramblings', :lol: so with renewed Journalistic enthusiasm, only ever found inside Unk's world, I decided to post my thoughts on how the teams have fallen once the deck was shuffled.

It is very refreshing to see a lot of new faces...something that always hindered the game in the past, and long may it continue. The new guys are so key to the longevity of the game, as it embarks on it's 10th pulsating season, and I wish them all the best of luck.

So onto the teams - 9 in all, another positive, and a pretty good looking pool as well with some very well seasoned...


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1st S11 Honours

S11 : British League

1Manchester Storm74016
2Stoke Sabres7815
3Glasgow Cowboys7-113
4Peterborough Piemen7-110
5Newcastle Sharks7-1610
6Hackney Warriors7-303

S11 : League CMA

1 unknownWarriors310.32
2 Dons101Piemen710.19
3 StefanStorm610.00
4 Captain_PiePiemen110.00
5 icbinbSabres59.47
6 ChrissyCowboys69.22
7 CraigStorm59.14
8 BWitcherPiemen78.76
9 grubyravenSabres78.56
10 AlfCowboys38.27

Latest Matches

21-FebStorm 51 - 45 Sharks
21-FebPiemen 60 - 36 Cowboys
21-FebSabres 49 - 47 Warriors
14-FebSharks 54 - 42 Sabres
13-FebWarriors 46 - 50 Piemen
12-FebCowboys 50 - 46 Storm
8-FebWarriors 44 - 52 Cowboys
8-FebPiemen 45 - 51 Sharks
5-FebSabres 38 - 58 Storm
2-FebStorm 50 - 46 Warriors